Yet Another Native Facebook Client For Android

Hello everyone on the interwebs, we’ve seen within the past one year how phenomenal the Android platform has grown but currently there are still not many Facebook clients that integrate well with Android many-awesome features. I’ve been working on creating a “yet another facebook client” since the past few months. I have not decided on the final features that will on the first release but I am working hard to implement all features that the existing clients have but to trying to come up with a better implementation and design. Here are some of the app screenshots. I am having challenges testing this app especially when dealing with notifications and friend requests (since I don’t have an active Facebook account). If you readers are interested to become a beta tester please contact me.

List of features that I am working on or have been completed :

1. Contacts synchronization
2. Periodic notifications
3. View photo tags, add tags to photos, view albums, create albums
4. Post photos, videos
5. View comments, add comments
6. Live feed, news feed
7. Search for people, pages
8. View events, create events, RSVP events.
9. Globally searchable events, feeds from Android platform search.
10. Notifications using filters


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